Leslie Cook

Heil Trump!

In In My Opinion..., Politics, Random Thoughts, Trump Apocalypse on June 21, 2018 at 8:32 am


Where do I start? In the past week, month, year, we’ve all experienced a master class in how to turn a perfectly reasonable democracy into Trump’s America. How do you do that? Well, let’s see. You start by “othering” people. Throw in a dose of mixing outright lies with sprinkles of truth to confuse the masses. Toss in a pinch of race-bating and you have yourself a country that would make Hitler proud.

Yes, I know. The comparison of Trump’s America with Nazi Germany, circa 1938, is frowned upon by most Republicans, especially those carrying out the conversion from sane democracy to rightist-controlled oligarchy. “We’re doing great things!” they say. “Look at our wonderful economy, unemployment rates are the lowest they’ve ever been. Aren’t you doing better? Don’t you feel great about out country?” To that I say hell no!  To quote the bible (which apparently this administration loves to do), “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

America is losing its soul. Where once we were a nation who helped refugees, now we turn them away. The things I’ve witnessed and protested against over the past year and a half are actions I never thought that my beloved country would take. Here’s a few of the things Trump has done to “Make America Great Again”  Muslim bans; describing white racists as “very fine people”; calling for the firing of NFL plays for kneeling; stating that a judge, born  in the United States, couldn’t be impartial because he was “Mexican”; Alienating U.S. allies (Canada, France, The United Kingdom, Germany, etc.); starting trade wars.

And now, Trump, his attorney general Jeff Sessions, and his head of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen are separating families, throwing asylum seekers into concentration camps, and caging children to make America safe. Because …. terrorism? II can’t think of a better time to begin seriously comparing this administration to Nazis.

Trump blamed these actions on Democrats. Democrats? His party controls the House, Senate, and Executive branches of government. Of course it has to be the Democrats. And I’m sure Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made him throw innocent children into detainment camps. It’s not his fault and he can’t fix it. Until he did, sort of, with an executive order after six weeks of torturing children. Of course their parents are still rapists so they get to stay in detainment for the federal misdemeanor of crossing the border.

Is calling this administration Nazis a step to far? I don’t think so. Does supporting the actions of this president and his party make you complicit with the crimes of this jack-booted Neo-Nazi state? You bet it does!

This president commits criminal and morally depraved acts, blames others for making him do it, and then “saves us all” by reversing his actions. We may not be able to impeach this ego maniacal  monster, but we can send him a message. There is a national election in November. Please don’t elect or re-elect anyone that will look the other way or excuse his actions. Please save our nation from becoming a country that supports inhumanity to man. Please reject a party that makes America Great Again by turning Americans against each other and scapegoating anyone that disagrees with it depraved policies. Remember that they are a minority with a very loud soapbox, but we have the numbers and the power to take our country back from these crazed lunatics.


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