Leslie Cook

The Trump Apocalypse – Day 6

In Politics, Trump Apocalypse on November 14, 2016 at 7:06 am


I am addicted to Sunday morning political talking head shows. This past week it has been very difficult for me to watch the news or hear anything related to the recent election. However, I’m slowly coming out of hibernation and have actually watched and listened to a few political shows this past weekend. I was immediately bombarded with the operatives from the Republican party telling me that I need to “cooperate” to “bring the country together.” I’ve been lectured by Democrats that tell me that I need to “accept the outcome of the election.” I’ve been told by comedians that the president-elect is “everyone’s president.”  To all of these official representatives of the government and spokespersons for the media, I say this: He’s not my president.

I make this statement after much thought and a lot of deliberation. I’ve voted in presidential elections since 1980 and I’ve always accepted the outcome of those elections, even though most of them didn’t go my way. I accepted the outcome because deep down I felt that the opposition was working for the good of the country, even if I didn’t necessary believe in the method they used to get there.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that our elected federal officials have moved further and further away from doing the public good. They’ve been more obstructionist and less willing to work with one another. The last few sessions of congress have been some of the least productive in their history. Our representatives spend their time raising money for reelection, which will allow them to come back to Washington D.C. and spend 2 to 6 more years doing nothing. They’ve been disrespectful to a legally elected president and have done everything they could possibly think of to obstruct legislation designed to help the American people and clean up the mess they made when they last held power.

And now we’ve elected a man that doesn’t respect women, minorities, or anyone that is “other.” A man who wants to put up a wall to keep people out of the U.S. and lock up people because they are the wrong religion. I cannot accept this person as my president because he doesn’t represent anything I’ve ever believed in. I cannot accept this person because he refuses to accept facts as truth and changes his own truths to suit his fancy. I cannot accept this person as president because I do not respect him.

So no matter what the pundits implore me to do, I refuse to accept this man as my president until he does something to prove that he actually has the wellbeing of the nation at heart. I will accept him as my president when he stops fanning the flames of racism and xenophobia within the country and does more than pay lip service to unifying us as a country. He will be my president if he doesn’t just hand the keys to the country over to corporate America. I suspect that this will never happen but we will see.







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