Leslie Cook

What I learned from Judge Judy

In In My Opinion... on December 4, 2011 at 1:08 pm

I’ve been watching Judge Judy off and on for many years. At first I  watched the show in passing. When I was home sick or on holidays when I saw the show while flipping though the channels, I’d stop and watch. I use to say that it was a respectable Jerry Springer show with less chair throwing and a ruling at the end. Now, with my acquisition of a DVR, I can save all of the episodes and view them later. And I do. It is a daily ritual. I’d come home and watch my hour of Judge Judy, laughing at the idiocy of people and marveling at the strict no-nonsense judgments that were handed down from the bench. Yes Judy is opinionated. Yes, she cuts people off and sometimes doesn’t listen to what they have to say. And yes, in my opinion, her rulings are usually correct. After years of watching, this is what I’ve learned from Judge Judy.

  • Never lend money to family. You’ll regret it. This is a very quick way to never see family members again. Even if you have them sign a promissory note to pay you back, they’ll always hate you for asking for the money. Don’t do it.
  • Don’t open a joint account with anyone unless you’re married to them. If you open that account with the guy/girl you love-love-love and just moved in with, in 3 months, the account will be empty-empty-empty, and you’ll be stuck with the bills. And Judge Judy will rule against you because you can’t prove that you ever put any money into the account.
  • Never cash a check for a friend. The check will bounce and you’ll be out of money. Here’s the scenario: Your friend was smart and responded to those really nice Nigerian bankers that wanted to give them money. Of course your friend doesn’t have their own checking account so they want to use yours. They’ll give you 10% of the check if you do this small favor for them. You do, they take 90% of the money and 3 days later, you find out that the check bounced. You’re out 90% of the cash and your friend can’t figure out why you’re mad at them. It wasn’t their check. Go try and get the money from the guy that wrote the check. Right.
  • Always get a receipt. If you sell anything to anybody, or if you buy anything, make sure you have a receipt, a bill of sale, or some evidence that you paid or received what you think you paid or received. You might still be out money or the item, but at least you’ll have Judge Judy’s respect.
  • Ex girlfriends will always be mad when you leave them for another woman/man. They will always sue you for whatever they can and be as mean as they possibly can just to annoy you and your new girlfriend/wife.
  • Don’t rent your property to anyone who says they’re going to grow pot in your garage. Seems like common sense, right? Apparently it’s not. I’ve seen at least 3 landlords that did this and regretted it. And those are just the ones that end up on the show. The funny thing is, they’re always surprised when the police raid the place and destroy their property, like they didn’t see this coming.
  • Old men will always be taken by cute young women. They give, the women takes. That’s the rule but apparently no one told them that they were never going to get anything in return. By the way, the cute young women will never ever pay you back and will always think that what you gave them was a gift.
  • If you lend someone money, the person you lend it to will always be mad at you for wanting it back. Always!
    I find this phenomenon fascinating. I’ve seen it in real life, but not as much as I’ve seen it on Judge Judy. Here’s the scenario: A good friend comes to you in dire need of money for rent, bail, child support, car payment, etc. They promise to pay you back the first chance they get. You agree to lend them the money and don’t have them sign anything that says they’ll pay you back because of course they’re your friend. Of course they’ll pay you back, right? Months go by and your friend ignores your hints about repayment of the thousands of dollars you gave them. You call, email, text, try to talk to them in person, to no avail. Finally you warn them that if they don’t pay you back, you’ll take them to small claims. They scoff. You file. They get mad at you for having the audacity to want your money back. After all you were friends, and you got that huge insurance payoff, have all that money in the bank that you’ve saved, or you have that rich husband/wife with a good job, why would you bother them with your petty repayment plans? Friendship ends. You probably never get your money back because the friend you gave it to doesn’t have and never will have a job.
    Solution: Don’t lend them the money and lose your friend… what the heck, you’re going to lose them anyway. Or you can give them the money and not expect to ever get it back, after all, you are rich.

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