Leslie Cook

Unemployment: Weeks 6 & 7

In Recruiters, Unemployment on August 28, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Recruiters. What can I say, they’re God’s gift and the Devil’s workmen. By that I mean that they’ve got their upside, and their down side. The upside? At least they’re calling me. The downside? They’re calling me with the same job. Apparently there is only one job in existence for Technical Writer in Southern California and they all want to be the one to make that commission.

Week 6 and 7 of unemployment weren’t bad. Week 6, Norm and I headed off to Reno, Nevada. Why Reno in August? Well, Norm attended the 69th World Science Fiction Convention and I mostly shopped. That’s right, the unemployed girl spent 6 days shopping and sightseeing. Before you get all righteous on me, let me explain. It’s true, we currently have two very unemployed people living in the house, however, if I ever do get a job, I need work clothing. For those of you who know me, my last job was very, very casual. I suspect that if I rolled out of bed in my pj’s and headed into work, no one would notice. Assuming that my next job will not be as lenient on the clothing front, my goal in Reno was to find work clothes.

Reno was mostly fun. I think I found and shopped in every mall, outlet store and stand-alone shop in the city. That said, I picked up some good deals, got great sales and, at the end, have a passably good wardrobe that should last me at least a week or so on the job… assuming I get a job. Hope springs eternal.

I spent week 7 getting back into the swing of things. Putting out resumes on the standard sights and talking to recruiters… lots and lots of recruiters. They all seem to think that they can get me a job. We’ll see. My thoughts are this: At least recruiters seem to get to the head of the line with resumes. That’s my theory anyway. So I think I may be more likely to get an in-person interview with a recruiter than if I just do a cold send on Monster or Dice. I have absolutely no evidence of this; it just makes me feel better about talking to so many recruiters.

I also had a wonderful lunch with Ariel, Ken, and Mike at our favorite place, The Grinder. Nothing like a nice Friday breakfast at noon!


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