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Fun at the Fair

In In My Opinion..., My Favorite Things on July 17, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Update: We actually tried using the Aussie Ice Shaker and, of course, it didn’t work as well as it did for the wonderful sales people. I suspect that the ice cubes work better when frozen with dry ice.  Eventually, we did get a slushy, but it takes at least 2 minutes of shaking, and you don’t really get that much of a slush as a result…Maybe 6 ounces of usable drink.  And you can really only use it once before you have to refreeze the cubes.  Overall, an interesting purchase, that we may be able to use in pieces on something else.  Really expensive ice cubes!

We attended the Orange Country Fair a few days ago and since then, I’ve been thinking about what I enjoyed seeing and doing the most. There is a lot to choose from. The food there is a gastronomic cacophony of flavors. This year we tried fried kool-aid, but that wasn’t the only amazing thing to eat. The one consistent food theme is “fried.” If you can figure out a way to fry it, you’ll find it at the fair. Fried Butter? Yup, they’ve got that too:

Fried Butter...Yummy

Vendor buildings for me are the heart of the fair. I love watching good sales people trying to sell me everything from pans and solar panels to slushy makers and super ladders. I think we’ve probably purchased every possible item there and, of course, we have to get our eye glasses and rings cleaned. This year, we purchased the Aussie Ice shaker (which so far doesn’t work), and the goop that will quickly take soap scum off of my glass shower doors. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Every year, we visit the Collectables area. If you have more than three items and can come up with a unifying story, you, my friend, are a collector…or at least that the way it seems at the collectable building. My favorites this year were:

  • Velvet Jesus Collection

    Velvet Jesus Collection

  • Star Trek Bears

    Star Trek Bears

  • Staple Collection

    Staple Collection


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