Leslie Cook

Personal Pet Peeves – The Cell Phone Addition

In In My Opinion..., Pet Peeves on August 12, 2010 at 6:50 am

I’m normally a pretty mellow person.  Most things don’t bother me.  But this morning, while using the ladies restroom, someone came into the bathroom talking full blast on her cell phone.  Lucky me!  I got to hear half of a conversation I had no interest in.  Why can’t people just hang up for 3 minutes while they use the facilities?  That got me thinking about all of the other cell phone behaviors that people have recently developed that I find either rude or annoying.  So are my top 3 personal cell phone pet peeves.

3.  Having a conversation on your phone while in the restroom.  Please, please hang up and call the person back.  I don’t want to hear the argument with your husband about the empty milk container.  And, if I’m on the other end of your phone, I don’t want to hear you use the restroom.

2.  Check-out line Conversations.  Yes, I know.  Cell phones can be very useful while shopping.  Especially if your wife/husband sends you out for something specific and you’re faced with the daunting choice of Double-stuff or regular Oreos.  But can’t we stay off of the phone for the 2 minutes that it takes to ring up your order?  I’ve been behind more of these people than I care to count.  And most of them are using Bluetooth headsets, so you’re never really sure if they’re talking to themselves, to you,  or to someone on the phone.  It’s also very rude to the cashier.

1.  Soccer Moms/Dads on Phones While Driving:  In Southern California, you drive everywhere, so it’s inevitable that people will spend their precious time talking on the phone while driving. I don’t mind it that much. What I do mind are the driving habits of the major offenders (Soccer Moms/Dads.)   First, they tend to have SUVs or Minivans.  They of course have their kids and possibly the neighborhood kids in the car, and are usually having intense conversations on the phone…which leaves very little time for actual driving and paying attention to traffic.  They veer into your lane without signaling or looking.  They drive too slowly or too quickly, changing lanes at random.  They cut you off.  And they always think it’s your fault when they hit something.  A few months ago, I was driving on surface streets stopped at a light.  The light turned green and the Soccer Mom, talking on the phone, decided she needed to make a right turn, so she did…across two lanes of traffic, glancing off of my car in the process.  I never caught up with her and luckily there was very minor damage to my car.  I’m sure she had no idea she hit anything or did anything wrong.  And I’m sure her husband is wondering why there’s a red scratch on her bumper.


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