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Comic-Con 2010

In Comic Con on July 27, 2010 at 5:28 am

It’s Sunday morning her in San Diego and I’m sitting on the 2nd floor overlooking the vendor’s floor.  The crowd has thinned out a bit, but still there are more people here than in some small cities. Today is Kid’s Day at Comic-Con, so there are lots of tiny superheroes wandering around, posing for cameras, and generally having a good time.  It looks like most of them are old pros at this.  They’re better at giving directions to the rooms and vendor booths than most of the adults.

This year has been a fairly uneventful convention for me.  Once again, the Con was sold out, and the masses of geek humanity once again walked the streets of San Diego.  For such a large number of people, everyone seems to co-exist quite nicely.  I had a conversation with two people in line with me this morning and one of them commented that this is one of the best deals you can get.  He said that you get more value here than at Disneyland, where you’re paying 60-70 dollars per day for a ticket and most of the people standing in lines there are grumpy.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I do find that the people here are much more willing to talk to you about anything. Coming to a Con on your own is not a problem.  If you’re willing, you can make new friends within 10 minutes of being on the property.  If you’re lucky, you can make lifelong pals on the bus getting here.

It is still possible to walk up and talk to your favorite writers, illustrators, or actors, although the “A” list actors are impossible to get to now.  On the other hand, “B” and “C” list actors receive the reception of kings.  I was walking around the vendor hall and was amazed to see hundreds of people screaming for Eric Estrada. Lou Farrigno, formerly known as the Hulk, has a huge following.

As we were coming back to the hotel from breakfast this morning, we saw Bill Plympton checking out of the YMCA (or the hostel associated with the YMCA San Diego).  If you’ve never seen his work, you should check it out (http://www.plymptoons.com).  He creates amazing animated short features.  I’ll really have to check out the YMCA facility in San Diego.  It looks pretty nice.  At least there’s a very nice gym and it’s really close to the train station.  My only reservation about staying there would be the lack of a bathroom in the room.  I’ve done that, I don’t have to do that anymore.  This year we stayed at the Westin San Diego, about 3 blocks from the Amtrak and is a very nice place.  Norm had a ton of hotel points so the entire weekend was free (yippee).

Overall, it’s been a good Con.  We met a lot of really nice people.  Met a few rude ones, but they are few and far between.  Hopefully they will develop the spirit of the con and be nicer to people at least while they’re here.

It’s my last day here and I’m sitting out on the patio of the Convention Center, watching a game of human chess.  That’s a game where the chess pieces are people, or in this case people dressed as creatures or comic book characters.  It’s nice and warm, there’s a light breeze and it’s a beautiful day.  They are still thinking of moving Comic-Con, but with conditions like these, I can’t imagine a better place to have it.  San Diego is known for its perfect weather, and, although sometimes it’s a bit hot, I’ve never been disappointed when I’ve come down here.

Here are a few pictures:

Cool Fish.  Looks like a wind-up toy I use to own.

Tron Legacy Black Light Cycle


Ironman and some women who just kept jumping into pictures

As for the viewing, here’s a list of the famous people I saw this trip:

  • Danny Elfman:  Great panel about his work with Tim Burton
  • The Cast of The Big Bang Theory: This was a great panel, lots of fun, and it was moderated by Wil Weaton with special guests The Barenaked Ladies doing the full theme song.
  • Bill Plympton: Great panel where he showed some of his latest animation shorts and took questions from the audience.
  • Will Farrell:  We went to view a live broadcast of KROQ’s Kevin and Bean outside of Petco Park and he was being interviewed on the show.  He’s very funny and seems very accessable.
  • China Mieville: A very accomplished fantasy writers who is very interesting and extremely well spoken.  I’ve never read his books, but Norm loves his work.  I’m planning on reading something from him very soon.
  • Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza: Ric Meyers shows the best Chinese Kung Fu movies every year.  He’s very well versed in the movies and show’s some kick-ass films.  I’d suggest you see Ip-man if you’re a fan.
  • Starship Smackdown XVIII: Ultimate Platinum Collector’s Edition:  The greatest spaceships in the history of the universe and this or any other dimension compete for the highly coveted Smackdown title. It’s much more interesting than it sounds and very funny.

Here is a list of panels we wanted to get into but just couldn’t (too many people, lines too long, etc.)

  • Glee:  I really wanted to see this but the line was a mile long, so I opted out.
  • Anything in Hall H: This is the biggest location of panels in the Convention Center, and unless you’re willing to sit in line for hours, it’s fairly impossible to get into. Why?  Because this is where all of the “A” level actors go to shill for their movies.  I hear this year there were tons of stars.  We didn’t see any of them.
  • Stargate Universe Panel:  We tried to get in.  I’m not a Stargate fan, but hey, I figured what the heck.  Two hours later, we’d missed this panel, but did get into The Big Bang Theory panel which was in the same room.
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and anything to do with Joss Whedon: Lines went forever. Nuf said.
  • Penn & Teller: Didn’t even try to get into this one. Way too popular.

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