Leslie Cook

Do you Have a Life on Hold?

In In My Opinion..., Weightloss on July 19, 2010 at 7:25 am

I was watching T.V the other day and noticed a Nutrisystem commercial with Marie Osmond flashing on my screen.  Normally I fast-forward though the commercials unless they strike me as entertaining in the first 3 seconds.  I must have gotten to my remote control a little too slowly this time and actually did sit and watch the 30 second commercial.  They were discussing the amazing 60 pound weight loss of one of their members.  My first instinct was to congratulate her mentally and to wonder why I couldn’t lose that kind of weight.  But as I continued to listen, I was struck by a statements the “success story” used to describe per life as a fat person.  She said that prior to the weight loss she didn’t go out or participate in her life.  Now that she was skinny, her life could begin.

This is not the first time I’ve hear this statement from people that have lost weight.  I’ve heard it in statements from participates in Weight Watchers, lap band surgery recipients, and all of those wonderful people who use liquid diets.  I’m sure it’s not universal, but the “my life can now begin” statement expressed by people who lose weight seems to occur a lot.  And I remain perplexed by it.  So there are people sitting in their homes ashamed to leave because they’re overweight?  Really?  Why?

Here’s my disclaimer.  I’ve struggled with weight all of my life.  I’ve been thinner, but never what you’d call thin.  Yes, it can be a problem.  Airplane seats can be a blast to get into.  Roller coasters may be impossible if you’re overweight.  Yes, some people can make fun of you or point and laugh, but to put your life on hold because of it seems crazy to me.  In most cases, unless you are actually physically incapable of moving, there is absolutely no reason an overweight person can’t do the same things as an “average” sized person.  Really!  I’ve done stuff.  So the thought of these poor people sitting around waiting for something to happen makes me sad. And the thought that other overweight people are seeing these commercials and thinking that they can only “begin to live their lives” after they’ve lost 20, 30, 100 pounds is tragic.

So here’s my rallying cry.  If you can get up, do it.  Leave the house.  Take a plane somewhere.  Get in the car and drive to a park.  If your dream is to hike Mt. McKinley, make plans to do it.  You may need to hike around the block first, but the only way to make your dreams happen is to start.  Dreaming about them and blaming your weight for not doing them is a cop-out.  So what if a few people point and laugh. It hurts to hear people calling you names, but you can get over it.  And most people have people pointing and laughing at them at some point in their lives, skinny or fat.

I’m sure I’ll struggle with weight for the rest of my life.  Maybe I’ll be skinnier someday.  Or maybe not.  I do know that when I look back on my life, fat or skinny, I’ll have great memories of the life I lived, not the life I wished I’d lived.  My life will not be on hold.


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