Leslie Cook

Paris 2010 – The Louvre

In Paris, Travel on June 24, 2010 at 5:33 am

There was some question as to whether we were actually going to spend time at one of my favorite museums.  There was a choice to make.  Disneyland Paris or the Louvre.  After much deliberation, we finally selected the world’s largest museum.  A grand choice!

The day began late, after our long London trip.  We didn’t leave our hotel until noon.  We were hungry and it was our last full day in Paris.  So, we all decided to head toward what I’ve been told is the best hot chocolate in the world.

Angelina’s Tea House is located on the Rue de Rivoli, right across from the Tuileries Garden and down the street from the Louvre.  On first sight, the only thing I can say is that I was amazed.  The bakery section had the most exquisite array of pastries that I’ve ever seen.  They were beautiful.  I have no idea how they tasted, but they looked perfect and delicious.   Promising to stop by on our way out, we made our way to the tea room and were seated in the back.

We all ordered our lunches and Lawrence and I ordered the “African Hot Chocolate.”    What we got was the most amazing cup of melted chocolate I’ve ever had.  What they served us was literally hot chocolate.  It’s like they took chocolate bars and melted them.  Of course this was concoction was served with a side of whipped cream.  I personally couldn’t finish my cup, it was that rich and thick.  My nephew did an excellent job of finishing the left over chocolate.

We finally made our way to the Louvre, purchased our tickets and immediately headed off to see the Mona Lisa.  It is a requirement when visiting the Louvre that you a) See Winged Victory and b) See the Mona Lisa.  I personally think that they’re both nice, but not the best art in the place.  But, they are the pieces that everyone knows about and you can find your way to them fairly easily by following the crowds.

They’ve moved Mona since the last time I was there.  Same gallery, but she’s now been moved to the center of the room, making her easier to see.  She’s still interesting, and actually much larger than I remember her to be, although smaller than most people think.  After paying homage to her, we took a look at other Italian masters, then headed downstairs to see the Egyptian and middle eastern collection.  Around 7pm we decided that we were hungry and tired, so we left the great museum and went in search of Chinese food.

Yes, Chinese food.  We all had a craving and we found a lovely place off of the Rue de Rivoli that served very good Chinese food.  Yes, they did have tomatoes in their sweet and sour pork, but the tomatoes were tasty.

After dinner, we slowly made our way back to the hotel to pack our bags and prepare for the long flight home.  It was a wonderful trip, but I was looking forward to going home to kiss my husband and hug my dogs.


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