Leslie Cook

London in a Day

In London, Travel on June 23, 2010 at 5:22 am

First, I don’t recommend it.  You can’t see all of London in one day, or in our case, 6 hours.  That said, it was still a very cool trip.  If you only have a day to see London, take the Eurostar from Paris and enjoy the Chunnel train.  Our trip began at 7am when we met our tour group at the Gray line Paris office.  We were given our tickets, whisked away to the Gare du Nord station, ran through security and boarded the train at 8am.  By 10:30 am we were in London at the St-Pancras station.

Our tour included a hop-on hop off bus tour of London, which was fine.  What I’d really recommend is that you decide on one or two things to see and then go there.  The bus tour took up all of our time and we got to see most of the attractions of the city, but alas, we didn’t have time to hop on or hop off.   We actually got off of the bus once, at Big Ben.

We also jumped into a department store called Primark, which for me was sheer torture but for my 19 year old nephew was discount heaven.  He purchased 5 very cool, punk shirts for 10 pound sterling.  Amazing.  the shopping experience was a bit like Filene’s basement (for anyone that’s ever been to Boston), with people grabbing things off of racks and trying them on sans dressing rooms.  Not my scene, but it was unique.

We got back to Paris at about 1opm.  It makes for a very long day, especially if you need to eat after the trip.  We did find a really nice Cafe that was open at that time of night and closed them down.  Good food, after a long day in two countries.


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