Leslie Cook

Paris 2010 – Versailles

In Paris, Travel on June 16, 2010 at 9:09 am

I’ve never seen Versailles with all of the fountains on.  It’s a beautiful site.  Today we did a little hop-on, hop-off bus action in the morning after sleeping in after 10am.  Then in the afternoon, we boarded the bus for Versailles.  Everything went fine until I realized that the agent at the Grayline desk signed us up for the tour in Spanish, and the English tour was sold out.  My Spanish is not good…mostly non-existent.  The only reason I recognize a few words is because I live in Los Angeles.  You can’t help but pick up some Spanish, but not enough to get you through a tour of the gardens of Versailles and the Apartments.  And of course my Spanish is much better than my mom’s and my nephews Spanish.  It was an interesting experience.

The gardens are amazing.  I think they’ve been restored since the last time I saw them, and of course, the fountains were all spraying water and classical music was being played in the background.  It was magical.  And blasting out of my tourguide provided headset was all of the information I’d ever need to know about the gardens in Spanish.  Needless to say, I have no idea who designed anything, who sculpted  what marble statues, or how long the grand lake is.  But I did enjoy the view.


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