Leslie Cook

Paris 2010 – Things Forgotton

In Paris, Travel on June 15, 2010 at 11:01 pm

You know that one thing in the back of your mind that you know you need but just can’t remember right before you go on vacation?  Well I finally remembered what that was yesterday afternoon.  My camera battery recharger.  Which means that after the next bunch of pictures, we’ll be in video silence until I get those lovely disposable camera pictures developed.

Monday, we did a bus tour around the city, for the benefit of my nephew.  It was fun and fairly calm.  Visited Notre Dame (which is where my camera decided it needed battery power), took two boat trips down the Seine, and listened to 8 year old school kids spontaneously erupt in a nice round of Champs Elysees.  That was fun.

Ate at a lovely Cafe, with real French butter, real French bread, and a real French hamburger.

More soon, including the last of my digital pictures.

  1. Don’t they have battery stores there? Best Buy? Don’t forget to do the Paris Sewer tour.

  2. Yup, there are plenty of battery stores. The problem is that this is a rechargeable battery…which means I’d have to find a camera store that sells a recharger for my brand of camera…and then pay an outrageous price. I think the disposable camera is cheaper.

  3. I’ll try and fit the Sewer tour in….not sure if we have the time though.

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