Leslie Cook

Big Money Wins in California

In California Elections, In My Opinion..., Politics on June 9, 2010 at 6:47 am

I just heard excerpts from an acceptance speech given by Meg Whitman.  She said “It’s time for a different style of leadership. A new beginning. Not glitz, not glamor, not glibness, but guts. A governor with the guts to do the hard work required to turn California around!”

And what’s the way she shows California her “different style of leadership”? She spent 80 million dollars to buy a nomination, deluging the media with ads day and night.  I’m not sure that sounds all that different than any other politician.  I’m not saying that Meg wouldn’t have won without the 80 million dollar cash infusion into the state’s economy.  But I’m sure it help her a lot.  I know lots of local TV stations that are grateful to her for the extra income.  But just because you have tons of money doesn’t mean you know how to run a state that has an economy larger than most countries. To Meg, I have just one question.  How are you planning on running the state when you have no experience in government?

If her spending spree shows us how she’ll run our government, then I think we’d all better hold on to our wallets.

Our June primary also gave us another wealthy California spender, Carly Fiorina.  She’s another powerful business women, with no governmental experience.  Carly spent far less money to become the Senatorial nominee, reportedly 18 million dollars.  That does make me feel a bit better.  What doesn’t make me feel good are her politics.  Apparently she thinks that people on our federal “no fly” list should be able to buy guns, just like everyone else.  I guess that’s fair.  They do have a constitutional right to do that.  However, that stand seems a bit weird coming out of the mouth of a staunch conservative republican that is anti terrorist.  And she, like Whitman, doesn’t like voting all that much.  Or at least I guess that’s their stand, since they didn’t seem to vote much in the past.  Guess they didn’t have the time.

Ok, on the one hand, I’m so proud of our state for selecting two strong women to run for these high offices. It’s pretty cool to look up and see fellow females out there running with the big boys.  On the other hand, I don’t agree with any of their politics.  Nope, I don’t think every American should carry a gun.  I know a lot of Americans.  I feel nervous handing some of them steak knives for their meat.  Yup, I do think that every American should have the opportunity to marry the person of their choice, not just child bearing mixed sex couples.  Yup, I’m pro choice (which by the way doesn’t mean I’m pro abortion).  And, oddly enough, I’m all for paying higher taxes to pay for the services I receive from government…you know like a good educational system, better highways and a nice police force.  So, in the long run, I’m glad that we females can produce politicians that I can disagree with to coincide with the male politicians I disagree with.  That’s progress!

Guess who I won’t be voting for in November.


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