Leslie Cook

Getting Ready for Paris

In Paris, Travel on June 8, 2010 at 7:06 pm

On Saturday, I’ll be jetting off to Paris for the 5th time.  This time, I’m accompanying my 78 year old mother and my 19 year old nephew.  We’re going for 8 days, with a nice day trip to London on the Chunnel.  That’s the thing I’m most looking forward to.  That and the croissants.

I haven’t been back to Paris for at least 10 years.  I’m sure it’s changed a lot.  I didn’t own a cell phone.  There wasn’t much of an internet to speak of.  I was, of course 10 years younger and at least 40 pounds thinner.  Of course I also had less money to spend so maybe I’ll bring back some good stuff. Or not.  I tend to not buy a lot of things on vacation.  Mostly just small things that will fit into my backpack.  When Norm and I went to Australia last year, I brought back a few small boomerangs, got myself an opal ring for my birthday, and a few stuffed toys for gifts.

The first thing I’m planning on getting when I get to Paris is a beret.  If you have any suggestions on where to go while I’m there, let me know!


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