Leslie Cook

California Primaries – Reporting from Ground Zero

In California Elections, In My Opinion... on June 7, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Tomorrow is election day here in the great state of California, and for the past month or so, Norm and I have received hundreds of mailings begging for our vote.  Television has been bombarding us with political commercials, mostly from Republicans vying for the title of “Most Conservative.”  I’m surprised that the two leading candidates haven’t called for a death match so that they can slug it out.

It’s no secret that I’m pretty liberal in my politics.  The debacle in Arizona makes my blood boil.  So watching Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman go back and forth about who will be the meanest to immigrants, or debate who is most conservative (whatever that means) amuses me and makes me mad. I think that the last person we need as Governor is someone with no real political experience at this point in our history.  And despite what they both keep telling us, running a government is nothing like running a private business.  It’s closer to running a day care center.  Our legislature has been at loggerheads for years.  A CEO as Governor is probably not going to change that.  The advantage of working for a private corporation, especially if you’re running it, is that you can fire, demote, or otherwise move annoying people to someplace where they can do less trouble.  You can’t do that very easily in government.

If you listen to the two Republican candidates, you’d think that they were running for President of the United States, not Governor of California.  They seem to think that they have some major control over our immigration policy.  They don’t.  The Federal Government does.  They have some control over the borders, basically being able to request additional Federal Government support, but frankly the only thing they can really do is complain.  They might be able to kick kids out of school…not a good idea by the way, thus endangering our federal funds for those students that remain in school.  They may be able to make minor changes, but they can’t make the changes they are claiming they can make,  And I think they know that.  And I think they count on the fact that most citizens don’t understand that.

I’ll be voting for Jerry Brown in November.  I remember his previous terms of office fondly.  Some people don’t.  The one thing he does know, however, is how to get government to do things.  We need that right now.

That’s my soap box for now. More later!


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