Leslie Cook

LOST in a Sea of Questions

In In My Opinion..., Lost, Television on May 25, 2010 at 7:20 am

Yes, I’m a Lost fan, or a “lostie” as we call ourselves. Yes, I saw the series finale. Yes, I’m just as confused as I was when I first started watching 6 years ago. And yes, I loved it.

Lost was an E-ticket ride of a show that took us up, down, and all around the world and made millions of people think. Over the years I’ve had hundreds of questions about the island, the people, and the mythology. Here at the end of the show, I probably still have hundreds of questions. But on Sunday night, as the show ended, those questions kind of flew out of the window when I saw the elegance and emotion of the final episode.

<Spoiler Alert>
I love that Hurley is now in charge of keeping the island safe, and the well beaten bad guy, Ben, will be his “Richard Alpert”, his second in command. I love that Rose and Bernard will always be on the island enjoying their endless island vacation. I love that F-Locke was beaten, shot, and pushed off the the side of a mountain. Can’t get a better end to an evil character than that can you?

It seems that most of the reviews I’ve read in the past day tend to focus on the “sideways” world, or the eternal weigh station that held our heroes for the past season. People aren’t happy with the explanation of this world. Or maybe I should say, critics aren’t happy. They don’t like that everyone waiting in this world is dead. And apparently, they still have questions.

I still have questions too! The difference is that I’m OK with the fact that I still have questions. I didn’t really expect to get answers to any of my questions. I’m happy that in Season 6, they did provide some answers.

Most of all, I’m glad that I spent 6 years watching this amazing show and discussing it with my friends. It was fun. And now I’m sad it’s over. I’ll be waiting here for the 2 hour reunion show in 10 years and for Lost – the Movies.

My Remaining LOST Questions

  1. What’s up with Eloise Hawking? Was she psychic?  How did she know what she knew and why was she always popping up in odd places?
  2. Now that Richard Alpert is off of the island, is he still immortal? (yes I do think that Kate, Clare, Miles, Richard and Frank made it off of the island.)
  3. I need closure with Charles Widmore. What was he trying to do?  Why did he want to get back to the island so badly?  Yes, he brought back Desmond, but what else did he want?
  4. What was that wheel symbol on the stained glass behind Jack and Christian in the sideways church?  I guess it represents a religion, I just don’t know which one.
  5. Will Hurley make the island into a Mr. Clucks Chicken Shack now that he’s in charge?
  6. Why was Aaron still a baby in sideways world (in the church)?
  7. Why wasn’t Walt there? (I know he grew too tall, but they could still bring him back for the ending).
  8. Will the trapped spirits on the island (the whispers) ever be released?  If so, how?
  9. How did Jacob get off-island when he was traveling around the world to recruit people?
  10. Why was Dharma there?

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