Leslie Cook

Tis the Season

In In My Opinion..., My Favorite Things on November 20, 2009 at 5:22 pm

At this time of year, I look around and am grateful for all that I have.  No, I’m not talking about material items, although they do make life a bit more comfortable.  What I mean is the friendships that make my days fuller.  The family gatherings that make me laugh and cry.  The feeling of love I get every evening when I welcome Norm home.  The way our dogs jump up and wait for hugs when I come home from work.  These are all the things that make up my life and make me happy to be here.

This time of year also brings to mind all of the people I’ve lost over the years…my dad, who I still miss after 25 years, my grandparents, who were such an inspiration to me. Yes, sometimes I get a little weepy thinking about them not being here to share events in my life, but mostly it’s happy thoughts about things they said and little things they did that made them who they are.

My favorite thing about this time of year is that everyone takes the time to get together, even if it’s just for a few hours.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times for our family.  Thanksgiving especially brings together most of my immediate family, which can be quite a laugh riot.  I think I warned my husband the first time he came to a Thanksgiving get together that it was going to be noisy and chaotic. It always is. And it’s always fun.  And, despite her advancing age, my mom still insists on preparing and presenting Thanksgiving dinner, complete with homemade rolls.  Yummy!  One day she may let me or my sister-in-law take over, but, for now, she seems to enjoy the creation of food.  It wears her out, but it’s her contribution to the family.

This time of year can also be very tiring.  Between shopping for gifts, running to parties, cleaning and decorating the house, and the annual cookie baking, I tend to wear myself out.  And, frankly, by December 26th, I’m grateful for the break.  But it’s all worth it.  So from my heart to yours, have a happy, rambunctious holiday season.  And remember to be grateful for the big and the small things that pass though your lives.  Happy Holidays!


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