Leslie Cook

You Must Wash Your Hands

In In My Opinion..., Random Thoughts on November 10, 2009 at 6:38 pm

handwashingMy husband seems to have become obsessed with hand washing.  Since the H1N1 (the flu formerly known as swine) became an issue, he’s obsessively posted hand washing articles to his Facebook page.  There are articles about how to wash your hands, now people tend not to wash their hands, pictures of cats washing their paws, and of course, the hand washing dance video.  Is this something I should worry about?  Has he suddenly become a clean freak?   Wait, strike that, I’m pretty sure this hand washing cleanliness trend has not transferred into his everyday life.  So why the obsession?

I’ve asked him about this new focus on ridding one’s hands of germs.  His reply?  “I’m not obsessed; I’m just spreading the good word and trying to keep America safe.” Obviously, he’s not alone in his new hobby.  The media has been pounding the drum about the “Dracula cough” and the need for all of us to be a little less sharing with our germs.  The company I work for has been handing out hand sanitizer for months.

Is all of this pressure working? Maybe.  When I leave the restroom, in my unofficial poll, about 75% of the women wash their hands.  There are probably fewer hand washers if there’s no one watching.  I can’t imagine how many men are moved to put a little soap and water on their hands when they’re using the facilities, but if it’s like the women’s side of the stall, hand washing is up.

So maybe we all should be a bit more obsessed with hand washing and saving America.  After all, if it saves me from a 104 degree temperature, it can’t be that bad for you.


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