Leslie Cook

At the Mall

In Random Thoughts on October 23, 2009 at 12:54 pm

westfield_lrgIt’s the talk of the office lately.  Have you been to the new mall?  Wow, it’s all bright and shiny!  There’s a Best Buy and Target over there!

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you realize that there’s very little to talk about with fellow workers after the initial “meet and greet” is over.  Kids are ok?  Wife is fine? Dog just finished his training huh?  Every once in a while, like manna from heaven, a new topic arises that engages everyone in the office.  For us, it’s the “New Mall.”

To be more precise, the remodeled mall.  The actual building has been there since 1975, but over the years, it’s aged badly.  Stores have closed and the only real draw for us worker bees in the area was the food court.  About a year and a half ago, they decided to remodel the mall and rename it to something more “upscale.”  Last Thursday, they had their grand opening.  Since that day, it’s been the primary topic of conversation. Who cares if our software builds have compiled correctly, have you seen the size of that Target? Everyone here is so excited about the new lunchtime choices, our heads are about to explode!

The new paint, carpet and tile has put a smile on most of the faces in the area, brightening up what was an otherwise depressing recessionary period. Ah, but there’s the problem.  Will the brightness of the mall tempt us to again spend more than we earn, just to appease the shopping gods? Will we willingly walk back into indebtedness, just because the shopping carts work correctly?  Probably not.  But, the holiday season is almost here, and I’m sure we’ll all appreciate the proximity of new shops and eateries, even if we don’t fully plunge into debt.

As the week wains, I sit here wondering what we’ll find as a topic of conversation once the newness of the mall has worn off.  The brand new Fire Station down the street?  The runaway squirrel population?   Who knows, but I’m sure it will be something other than work.


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