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A Day at the Fair

In My Favorite Things, Random Thoughts on September 25, 2009 at 4:00 pm

countyfairEach year, Norm and I head off dutifully to the fair.  The fairs in the greater Los Angeles area are a bit different than those that I attended in Proctorville, Ohio.  In Proctorville, the Lawrence County Fair was held at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds, right outside of town.  There were booths, of course, and rides, but not quite on the scale as the big city fairs we attend here.  Back when I attended the Lawrence County Fair, the closest we got to fried Twinkies was a homemade apple turnover.  There were pigs, horses, and chickens.  They had 4-H activities. The locals made jams and home art items like quilts.  And there were tons of yummy apple products, Rome being the home of the Rome Beauty apple.

The Los Angeles Fair is a tad different. There are booths everywhere selling hot tubs, BBQ, and that really cool drill bit that will drill though solid brick.  Ever wanted to taste chocolate-covered bacon?  You can do that here!  Need to adopt a dog?  They’ve got that here too.  Big city fairs are like country fairs on steroids. Everything is bigger and louder and gaudier. I think that’s why we love it so much.

My favorite part of the fair is the vendor buildings.  They’re air conditioned, which is nice when it’s 100 degrees outside.  And they’re packed full of items that I didn’t know I needed. This year, there were fewer vendors and much fewer items that I was tempted to buy.  There were the Vitamix blenders which apparently will blend any thing you throw into them and make it healthy and tasty.  There were the tons of massage machines vying to relax me. We were slathered in lotion several times by vendors that informed us that their products were antibacterial, cured psoriasis, got rid of athletes foot, removed fine lines, and basically made our skin look like a new born baby’s bottom.  We finally purchased glue what will bind any item together forever and takes about three seconds to dry, and two beverage lids that cover your can of soda and contain the fizz for up to 3 days.  We also got our glasses cleaned and our jewelry cleaned.

One of the best things about this years fair was in the “Caring for the Land” area, where we got to check out a fire observation station and talk to a couple of people that work in that station.  It was fun listening to them tell their story and asking questions about life at an observation station.  It’s much more dangerous than I’d imagined.  They keep watch for lightening strikes, have to track them, report in periodically, etc.

Norm thought the best thing at the fair was the Krispy Cream Chicken sandwich (which he sadly didn’t purchase).  It consists of a glazed Krispy Cream doughnut, cut in half, one slice of Swiss cheese, a packet of honey, and one fried chicken patty.  Yum!  It makes my heart stop just thinking about it.  In our past fair excursions, we’ve tried the fried Twinkie, chocolate covered bacon, fried Oreo, and fried snickers bar.  None of these items were half as good as they sounded on paper.

We finished the day by visiting the Bark Park and watching the Splash dogs and Agility dogs put on a show.  Always a good time.  We walked out of the fair exhausted from the sensory overload, feet tired, with amazing wonder products dangling from our hands.  What a great way to spend the day!

  1. The best exhibit was the life-size anamatronic dinosaurs.

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