Leslie Cook

The Smells of Comic Con

In Comic Con, Random Thoughts on July 27, 2009 at 2:35 am

Day 2 as I sit in an auditorium with 6000 of my closest friends waiting for another session to begin, it occurs to me that Comic Con has some of the most unique smells that I’ve ever experienced. There are, of course the normal smells of an event this size. Bus exhausts from the multitude of buses shuttling people to and from the event. Clouds of cigarette smoke mostly confined to the steps outside of the event. Popcorn, nachos, and oddly enough, the unique vinegar smell the is emitted from a Subway sandwich, permeated the hallways. But most of all, it’s the smell of humans that reach my nose at this moment. The smell can sometimes be debilitating.

It’s understandable, really. Even if you have a passing acquaintance with hygiene, it is tested in this environment. The strongest deodorant may fail you when you’re standing in a line that wraps around the convention center courtyard for 3 hours in the hot sun. And if you’re one of those brave souls that camps out to see the latest 10 minute clip of the next , there’s really no place to brush your hair or teeth, let alone shower. Now take that aroma and multiply it by, let’s say, 20,000 (assuming that everyone else actually had access to a shower). That can be heady stuff. Luckily, the smells that I experienced weren’t overwhelming, just slightly annoying at times.

That said, I think there may be a great advertising market for Crest, Axe deodorant, Clearasil or any hygiene company that would like to increase their market share. Geeks like me have money. There is also a growing portion of the Comic Con population is young. Include these items and you may capture this up and coming market for life. Just a few sample products in the Comic Con goodies bag would go a long way to help out the convention’s breathing public and possibly make a profit. Something to think about for hygiene companies.


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