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Time for Californians to Take a Stand!

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As Californians, we always moan that we can’t effect change because we live in a blue state. Well, yesterday, the seven remaining Republican Representatives from the great state of California voted to accept a health care bill that will undermine the health and well-being of Californians. We CAN do something about that. Please consider voting these seven Republicans out of office the next time they come up for election (June and November 2018). They obviously are not serving their constituency. They were in such a hurry to pass their healthcare bill that they didn’t bother to find out what their proposed bill would cost to taxpayers. They don’t seem to care that their new bill will remove millions of needy people from the healthcare rolls. It’s time to fight back.

Here are the name and districts:

Jeff Denham – California 10th District

David Valadao – California 21st District

Steve Knight – California 25th District

Ed Royce – California 39th District

Mimi Walters – California 45th District

Dana Rohrbacher – California 48th District

Darrell Issa – California 49th District

If you are a Republican, you should be ashamed of your representatives. If you are a Democrat,  please get out and vote to remove these self-serving politicians out of office. We need representatives that care more about their constituents than they do about voting the party line.

Remember, these representatives are up for election in June and November 2018. Rise up and vote them out of office!


A Little Advice for “45”

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It’s March. 45 has been in office for over a month now. He even addressed Congress this week, which apparently went over very well with the press. He was actually accused of being “Presidential.” I didn’t watch for the first time in 20 years, mostly because I didn’t want to spend an hour crying and yelling at the TV. In the long run, nothing that he said in his speech will make a difference. After all, he’s not known for remember what he said yesterday.

What else happened in the Executive branch this week? 45’s Attorney General was caught lying to the Congress during his confirmation hearing. Or as 45’s spokespeople would say…he just forgot stuff. Because of this, and to divert attention from calls for his resignation, Sessions recused himself from any investigations into Russian meddling into the 2016 elections. Thanks Jeff!

45 also accused his Generals for problems with his “successful” commando raid in Yemen in January. Apparently he had no control over the situation. Or no one told him things were happening. Or maybe his excuse was that the Generals have taken control. Who knows. We do know that the buck does not stop with him, it gets thrown back at the closest target. Not his fault. Ever!

Today, to cap off the week, 45 decided that the previous administration tapped his phones. Not sure why that came up other than to distract us from whatever horrible thing he as planned for today.

So at the end of this eventful week, I thought I’d throw out a little advice for 45. Just a few things off the top of my head that may make next week go a little more smoothly.

  1. Spend more time governing and learning about stuff. If you spent as much time accusing people of of doing things to you (fake news) or discussing people that you really should care about at this point in your career (can you say Hillary), maybe your administration would run better.  How about maybe spending more than 5 minutes in your security briefings?
  2. Stop Twittering, eat better, and get more sleep. Given your paranoid statements over the past few weeks, you might want to put down the phone, eat a salad every once in a while and get 8 hours of sleep. It will do us all good.
  3. When you open your mouth, try telling the truth at least 50% of the time. This would be an improvement over your 25% truth records of late.
  4. To go along with #3, try reading a newspaper that isn’t Breitbart. Your hometown paper, New York Times, is very good. I read it myself. Or the Washington Post has excellent coverage too!  They found out about your Attorney General this week. Oh, and maybe watch something other than Fox News. CSPAN is informative, if you don’t like the other major stations.
  5. Do a better job vetting your staff. So far, you’re not doing a great job.



Week 4

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This is the 4th week of  45’s administration and here’s where we stand:

  • Andrew Puzder withdrew from his nomination as Secretary of Labor because of growing Republican concern over his past employment of an undocumented housekeeper. Also of concern are his business practices and personal problems including possible domestic abuse.
  • Michael Flynn, White House National Security Adviser resigns due to alleged conversations with the Russian ambassador in December about sanctions against Russia. 45 and his staff knew about this issue for 2 weeks. Pence learned about it a few days ago.
  • 45 conducted an impromptu national security meeting in the open air at Mar-a-Lago in front of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a room full of diners.
  • 45 executed a raid on Yemen. The result? 1 American soldier dead, 26 civilians dead, target not obtained.
  • 45 sends the country into turmoil over his Executive Order concerning immigration. The consensus is that it was badly written and not well executed. Immigration was not briefed. Congress was not briefed. The reason? He didn’t want to give the bad guys a heads-up. The result? Chaos.
  • A Russian spy ship is sitting in international waters off of the coast of Connecticut.
  • Russia deploys a new cruise missile that American officials say violate a landmark arms control treaty. The response from 45’s administration? Silence.
  • North Korea test-fires a ballistic missile that travels 320 miles from North Pyongan Province to the Sea of Japan.
  • Leaks out of the White House and the executive branch of our government are at an all-time high.

I could go on. I suppose 45 is using a new business technique to manage his government. I suspect that he’s in over his head and doesn’t know what to do about it. It feels like we’re watching a slow-speed train heading for a brick wall and the conductor is looking down trying to figure out what wine goes with his nachos.

Republicans were worried that Hillary wouldn’t be able to handle the office of President without drama. I wonder how they’re feeling now?